Relentless Movie

Relentless is a 2010 Nigerian drama film, co-produced and directed by Andy Amadi Okoroafor; it stars Gideon Okeke, Nneka Egbuna, Jimmy Jean-Louis and Tope Oshin Ogun. It was released on 13 October 2010 at the BFI London Film Festival, and was positively received; mostly praised for its cinematography and soundtrack.

The film which is set in Freetown and Lagos, narrates the story of Obi (Gideon Okeke), a Nigerian peacekeeping soldier who has been deployed to war-torn Sierra Leone. Obi’s world is crushed after Blessing, a Sierra Leonean woman whom Obi loves, is mutilated by a gang of child soldiers and he’s forced to kill her in order to put her out of pain and misery.